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A bit about us and Trilife.coach

We’ve been together for 30 years, giving us many years of first hand life and relationship experience and understanding of what works and doesn’t work. While we both love research and the science of thought, Dave’s passion is in the physical movement space and my strength is in the intuitive heart space. Together we bring a balanced view

We provide personal coaching and our unique P6 process which facilitates the transformation journey. This works in leadership and team development.

Our focus: it is absolutely vital that the mind, heart and body are integrated for one to have a deep sense of connection and contentment. If you focus and over develop one particular area of yourself, it often leads to imbalances and weaknesses in other areas. In coaching, we have a saying, “a strength overdone, becomes a weakness.” It’s common for us to stay where we feel most comfortable, but our growth often lies in leaning into discomfort. This is the value that coaching brings.

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From our clients

“He has taught me the way to just BE, and has given me great insight into myself. I am using the jewels of understanding and learning from what Dave has shared and coached in my life and business."

Naomi Kelly

"I cannot believe that coaching session we had. I was transformed in less than 60 minutes. You gave me results I can move forward with easily. You did an amazing job Hester. Brava!"

Sara Dehler

"I have been so grateful for this time that couldn’t have been more right for this season in my life to be assisted by the most incredibly special lady."

Leigh Harris

"I can say that Dave has delivered on his promise. He has continued to keep me grounded and focussed on ensuring my future is one that will be provided for and enjoyed."

Arnold Okkenburg